Morten Klitgaard Contemporary glass artist




I'm Morten Klitgaard.

I'm a contemporary glass artist.

Why glass?

When I was 8 years old I visited the local glass workshop where I grew up. I just sat there watching for hours. Some days I skipped school to sit there just watching. I found my passion.

Since then I have devoted my time and love to glass.

But having worked with it for more than 15 years, I slowly but steadily grew sick and tired of the prettiness and fragility of glass. The material however, never stopped fascinating me.

That led me to start a journey to seek and find the boundaries of what glass can be and look like. And that journey will probably never end. I hope it doesn’t because it is taking my art in directions I never thought possible.

I love the idea of making glass that does not look like glass.

Different. Not transparent. With attitude and porosity.

And patina that makes it evolve over time.

Glass art that can live, breathe and be passed on for generations.